Bipolar 2 From Inside and Out

This has been the longest trough I’ve had in a while, and I’ve been spending all my spoons on work, because the cats do insist on eating.

Tomorrow begins a new adventure: My psychiatrist has prescribed Abilify. The $800/month price tag seemed a tad bit high to me. We have insurance, but the benefits don’t really kick in until we meet the absurdly high deductible. A few months of Abilify would probably do it. (We couldn’t afford the gold plan. I think ours is aluminum, or maybe tin.)

The manufacturer does offer a free month’s trial and a discount card, so at least I can see if it works for me. If it does, I’ll figure out how to pay for more. (BTW, if your meds are way expensive, check out They have a database of manufacturers, discounts, requirements, and contacts. My psychotherapist turned me to that.)

When Dr. R. prescribed Abilify, he told me that it could make me restless. “How will I know whether it’s the drug or my usual twitchiness?” I asked. “You’ll know,” he said. After reading the literature, I can see what he means.

So here I am with three work assignments (not particularly tight deadlines, though) and am about to start a drug that could feel either heaven-sent or hellish. Or just “meh,” I suppose, which would leave me exactly where I am now.

Wish me luck.

And tell me if you’ve had any experiences with Abilify. I know anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean squat to scientists, but I’m interested in hearing from people who have tried it, or seen how it worked (or didn’t) for a friend or relative.

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  1. Hi! My anti-depressant didn’t seem to be working very well anymore (I blame a switch to the generic, which just doesn’t work as well for me for some reason). My dr. had me add Abilify – just 1 mg. Within days I felt so much better! I’ve been taking it for about 4 months now and am doing well. No side effects, except that once I took it in the evening and it did keep me awake. I’d suggest taking it in the morning. A week or 2 ago, I stopped taking it and within a day was back to feeling hopeless, anxious, teary. Back on it and feeling good. I hope it works as well for you as it did/does for me. Good luck!


    • Good for you! I’m starting tonight, but I’m supposed to take it at bedtime and with food, so now I have an excuse for a midnight snack.


      • My dr. did seem a little surprised when I said it seemed to keep me awake when I took it in the evening – I got the impression that wasn’t typical/that it affects everyone differently, so see how it affects you. You can always switch to taking it in the morning if it does keep you awake. Hope it helps!


  2. My insurance stopped covering Abilify this year and the cost to me went from $6 to $500. There is no way I can afford it. Fortunately the drug rep keeps my pdoc well supplied with Abilify samples so he’s been able to keep me supplied. The good news is I believe a generic will finally be available in 2015


    • That is good news! (Although I have one generic drug that still costs almost $200 and my shrink doesn’t give out samples.) I do have a friend who has leftovers of a higher dose and said I could have them to cut up. Now all I need is a pill guillotine! I run out in five days, but I can still get another month supply discounted some by the manufacturer. Gives me time to figure out some other strategy.


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