Bipolar 2 From Inside and Out

From Panicky to Manicky

I’ve been having one of my rare, slightly manicky  upswings for the last few days.

Why? And about what?

Well, I survived the business meeting/lunch on Wednesday. I prepared for it with a lot less anxiety than the last time (hair, outfit, jewelry, car, arrival time – all came together with astonishing speed). I even made it through lunch without my hand tremors causing me to dibble all over myself. Yay me!

And although the subject matter could have felt like an attack directed at me, it didn’t. I didn’t get defensive (well, maybe a little) and I help uncover some problems that indirectly supported my point of view.

Maybe I am getting better at this stuff, or remembering how I used to do it.

Also, I was not completely spoon-depleted that evening or the next day, as I had told my husband to expect.

I’ve donated small amounts of money ($25 and under) to a few charities and causes. I don’t know if this is cause or effect of the upswing, but who cares? I was motivated, and I did it. A small enough accomplishment for many people, but summoning the will to care and to act constitute progress.

I have supported a friend in his first solo freelance venture, predicted its astoundingly rapid success, and reveled in it with him. It’s a good feeling to share, even if my own freelance efforts have been less spectacular (though significant to me).

I won’t deny that this upswing makes me wary that a crash may be on the way. You know how feeling happy always seems like tempting fate? With bipolar disorder, I know that there will always be another downswing waiting around the corner for me.

But at least, for now, I can enjoy the good. And that’s a major improvement.

Comments always welcome!

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