Bipolar 2 From Inside and Out

Ack! Ack!

Oh noes! Another business meeting/training session/lunch!

On Wednesday – not much time to get ready.

Panic? Check.

Hair appointment? Check.

Therapist appointment? Check.

Everything else? Not check.

Will I ever be able to do this again without freaking out? Guess that’s a question for my therapist.

Bonus Material (Actual Conversation)

Me (distraught): I have to find something to wear!

Husband (helpful): What about that white thing you wore last time?

Me (gently): It’s June, and that was a turtleneck with long sleeves.

Husband (no particular tone of voice): Oh.

(I didn’t bother explaining that it was actually off-white and I couldn’t wear the same thing to two of these events in a row. The seasonal thing was a big enough information bite.)

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