Bipolar 2 From Inside and Out

Sorry, I’m Just Too Tired

I post my blogs on Sundays and have done so for years. This week I am all used up, too tired to write anything inspiring or interesting or enraged or helpful.

My husband has been in the hospital this week for a heart problem and just came home. While he was there, I had to deal with the usual bills, computer problems, appointments, and furniture deliveries. I actually used a grocery delivery service because I just couldn’t face shopping and carrying bags. I ate take-out and take-out leftovers. I had lunch at the hospital every day with my husband.

I don’t want to compare our situations. Almost having a heart attack and getting another stent is objectively worse than anything I went through. But I must admit to a little envy for the rest he required and still requires, people to take care of his needs (including me), and someone to pick up on all the responsibilities at home. It’s petty, I know.

But I’m just too tired to care about that. I’m too tired to write. I’m too tired to do more than the bare minimum. Please excuse me. I’ll try to be back next week with something more to say about mental health and bipolar disorder.

Comments always welcome!

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