Bipolar 2 From Inside and Out

This is such good advice, and so well expressed.

Charlotte Louise

7 things that annoy the hell out of people that struggle with mental health..

1. “You don’t need the drugs”


If they didn’t work, I wouldn’t take them.

Why don’t you try that line on a chemotherapy patient? “Oh no you look horrible and you feel terrible, why don’t you let your body sort its cancer on its own?” You have an immune system that has trouble getting rid of a cold, not a disease fighting superhero squad.

2) “Can’t you just control your moods? Can you just try really hard – for me?”


Come again? You actually think that the sensation of every minute passing feeling like an hour combined with the inability to enjoy things I normally do is a choice? Do you have any idea what it is to be trapped in a cycle of guilt over the same things I used to think are funny just a…

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  1. Thank you Janet 🙂 xo


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